ABULZOOZ FROM CAIRO TO AMMAN – Multidisciplinary A/V Artist and musician. After years of being engaged with musicians and artists from the region, Zaid started his music career by bringing a new arab indie-pop sound from Amman in collaboration with many producers and fellow talents from the region.



Indie Pop, House, Trap

Sabyieh – El Waili x Zaid Khaled

Lame – Zaid x El Waili

Sohftek Abel Shwai – Zaid Khaled

Waka – Zaid Khaled

(UNRELEASED) DELAROSE – Idreesi x Zaid Khaled Rakeek – El Waili x Zaid Khaled

Free Beat – Zaid Khaled (UNRELEASED DEMO) Ala Nar – Zaid Khaled x Idreesi

Abulzooz – Zaid Khaled x Synaptik x El Far3i (Prod By SINTAX)

Fatni – Zaid Khaled & Idreesi

Lal Nour – Zaid Khaled x Synpatik (Prod by Idreesi)

??? – Zaid Khaled & El Waili

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