Angst turned restlessness turned anger, a dedicated mix by radio ma3azef’s Bakisa. FREE PALESTINE. END OCCUPATION



Palestine, Field Recordings

Recording of thunderstorm

Presque Rien n4 La Remontée Du Village – Luc Ferrari

Summer of 87 – Deadline Paranoia

Recording of Barcelona protests

Hear Blink In Morse Code – Mutamassik

Excerpts from Israeli Settlers Documentary

Promedna Symphonique Dans Le Paysage Musical – Luc Ferrari

Ou Un Jour De Fête 1976 Part 3

Abiroon – Muqata’

Immigrants on Course – Mutamassik

Recording of Paris protests

Fateh Anthem

Ambience from Palestine

Promenade Part 2Un Amour Si Grand Qu’il Nie son Objet – Ghédalia Tazartes

Atlas – Amnesia Scanner


Invocation I – Marc Codsi

Excerpt from old bakisa show

The XI Mask Of The Faceless One – Osman Arabi

Recording of Palestinian Refugee 1966

Malayeen – Deena Abdel Wahed

Asbaha Andi Boundoukiya – Um Kulthum

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