A mix around cinema, music from movies i like and about the interaction between music and reality.



Electronic, Orchestral, Experimental

Some personnal synth melodies are included in the mix

Excerpt from the movie Au hasard balthazar (directed by Robert Bresson)

Laurie anderson – speak my language

Roel a. garcia & frankie chan – the killer’s death

Rebels of the neon god theme

Excerpt from the movie Bab el oued city (directed by Merzak Allouache)

Lim giong – medecine for healthy people

Shiro sagisu – on the precipice of defeat

Lim giong – moth flies to the fire

Lim giong – a pure person

Stanny franssen – a new day

Chu ishikawa – echo

Eduard artemiev – zerkalo ost (track 1)

Eduard artemiev – solaris main title

Excerpts from the movie Nostalghia (directed by Andrei Tarkovski)

Eduard artemiev – stalker ost (track 19)

Roel a. garcia & frankie chan – 殺し屋 #2

Excerpt from the movie Notebooks on cities and clothes (directed by Wim Wender)

Nico – janitor of lunacy

Excerpt from the movie Un lac (directed by Philippe Grandrieux)

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