In this episode, tunis based X0V1 emphasises on bass music and deconstructing the variation that comes from within it, exploring a journey that is continuously elaborating and constantly getting harsher.



Dance, Electronic, Bass

IXVIII X I III – lachrin

 Gonçalo Penas – Ego de espinhos

Dueños de nada

Isomov  – WaVeLeT

 Xyn Cabal – Nowei

Loyalty XIX – Catrialis – 02 False Validation

Fantasy OD

Revenge mun sing

Lensk Bared Teeth

Tzusing & Hodge – Electrolytes

Mustn’t Hurry (Tzusing Remix)

Mun Sing – Cache 01 – 09 A War in Heaven

Revenge (Tomás Urquieta remix)

HOT WAVS – Neural Wetwork

DJ Loser, XIAO QUAN – 老虎的偉大秩序


Stay with the Trouble (For Donna)

Inner State of Alchemy

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