A focus on monotonous rhythms to express sadness.



Experimental, Electronic, Techno

Keru Not Ever – Molloy (feat. Bianca Scout)

Lensk – Waves Without Weight (Evitceles Remix)

Gooooose – Plasma Sunrise

gagsmile – I was on the plane when you called me

loose unit – ausschuss

Slikback – ZENO

Slikback – Senshi

gagsmile – dark energy we dont touch

Aria of dawn – v1984

flutter (dis fig remix)

forest drive west – impulse

forest drive west – terminus

Lyra Valenza – January Airdrop

Partisan – magma

<3 E-saggila <3 – Aziza

DJ Loser – hateblade -7%

DJ Loser – inhuman host

bioxeed – spider trap mk2

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