A selection of old gloomy synth music & other obscurities to ease your winter blues, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth, Krautrock…



Minimal Synth, Cold Wave, Krautrock

Jac Berrocal – Rock’N Roll Station

Dalis Car – His Box

Charles De Goal – Synchro

Gouts De Luxe – Last Train

Effetto Joule – Mechanika

Ohama – The Lonely Ones

Twice A Man – Where Are You Now

Shonen Bat – Shine

The Shortwave Mystery – Signals From Afar

The Fast Set – Kaleidecon

Benedikt Frey – Mind The Gap

The Danse Society – Clock

Neon – Neon

Stratis – Herzlos

Tara Cross & Unovidual – Microphone Connection

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