A journey through all things Punk, Post-Punk, Cold Wave, Minimal Wave, EBM, Dark Wave, Industrial & Gothic music, both old & new.



Post-Punk, Punk, No Wave, Gothic

Kebab – Weekend

Fehlfarben – Schlaflos Nachts

Parquet Courts – Back To Earth

Velvet Condom – Ice Disco

Cute Heels – Metal Disco

The Monochrome Set – Eine

Symphonie Des Grauens

23 Skidoo – Last Words

The Raincoats – Black And White

The Pop Group – She Is Beyond

Good And Evil (Original Alternative Version) Trio – Anna

Your Funeral – I Wanna Be You

Frustration – Worries

Complicity – All Or Nothing

The The – Uncertain Smile

The Stranglers – Hanging Around

Clan of Xymox – Stranger

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