Between contemporary electronic music and abstract compositions, Glass develops a dense sound signature through which the duo explores the ambiguity and complexity of our lifestyles saturated with multimedia content. Since 2020, they have been the authors of notable releases on labels such as “OOH- Sounds” or “Health records”. The group has also participated in audiovisual collaborations with the artists Lorem and Primitivo around artificial intelligence – “crY” video – and Lucia Bertazzo within the collaborative project “XquisiteForce.AV” presented at the CTM festival 2021 by the SFX label. Now resident at LYL radio Brussels, they are currently working on their next release at Comic Sans Records.



Experimental, Electronica, Ambient, IDM

Kenta204 – Scriptoria (feat.Laces & Spr1te) hmurd – Forgotten Drawbridge A_P+A_N-LVII (Unreleased)

trypheme – (Unreleased)

Noqturnalist – « 2cc »

Koeosaeme – 212202115:46 feat. Seth Graham Maxwell Sterling – (dis)figured bass (Unreleased)

Vincent Jehanno / Lou-Maria Le Brusq – De bave et d’écume Blatent Shine – Amber 2

Ripatti – movathat

Doline – Cumengéite

3.14… – |–|—|——|-||

Paraadiso – ??? (forthcoming SVBKVLT) Ice Eyes – (Unreleased)

More Eaze – (Unreleased)

Peter Bark – a lifetime

Glass – LEAVE NO TRACE (OOH-sounds) Asifeh and Firas Shehadeh – Shadow Unit Claire

Rousay – Untitled 2

Atrice – Chordata (Unreleased)

Jonnnah – Whispering The Past

Lucrecia Dalt – Seca

Misantrop – Body Control

Premiere Cares – Images And You

Temp-Illusion – Caustic Surface

NAAFI No Time Ft Tama Gucci

Rắn Cạp Đuôi Aztec Glue (2021) Courtesy Subtext Recordings Berlin TSVI feat. Randomer – Reflex

Gabber Modus Operandi – Nyonyon Rangda

trngs – Im Too Sentient For My Own Wellbeing (IM091)

Ixuol – Ecin

Amnesia Scanner, Daniela Lalita – AS Acá (feat. Daniela Lalita) Premiere v3 – Metaforic Panspermia

Lag Switch – Exhume

IV (FRKTL Hyperstition Remix)

Giant Claw – Soft Channel 001

Temp-Illusion – Nankraws

Miss Jay – EQUINOX Ft Stasya (Van Boom Remix) [UNIZONE] Sorcery – On the Bias

Flowdan – Tell Me Nothing (HØST Remix)

Sandy Limbo – Fa Shiau

Charlie XCX – Pink Diamond

Ludwig Wandinger – Pferdestärken

Seven Orbits – Monolite

Fausto Mercier – O O Doomscrll

Nahash – Its Not Complicated – 03 Port Punique

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