A Producer/DJ from Paju, South Korea. They focus on creating track-objects that closely tie into their emotional reality, expanding along the various cultural/economic lines tangent to it. Released [Guidelines] EP via Canadian label Éditions Appærent. [Guidelines] positions Pungmul, one of Korean traditional music genres, in a splitting club experiment that defies the traditional percussion sounds. As a DJ, bela is currently interested in making personal playlists for their 1+ hour bus trips to Seoul.



Experimental, Post-club, Ambient

bela – ?
Polido – João E Santi – Sala 1
MSYLMA & ISMAEL – نھایة إلى الطین – Ending Unto Dust
Meitei – 冥丁 – Shōnen – 少年
Nick Zanca – Cacerolazo II
tau contrib – tthrown
Susumu Yokota – Spool
Mårble – Jah
Humcrush – Audio Hydraulic
Mika Vainio – Tila
Ben Bondy – suelti
Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Champagne Smoke
Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina – Hula Om
Nikolay Kozlov – Lock 1 (feat. mu tate)
Ulla – Stunned Suddenly

Eks – Easy Sampling

 Yogev Freilichman – Sunverim Varboska


Aho Ssan – Simulacrum IV (Ziúr Remix)

Yogev Freilichman – False Unit

The Premeditated Nature Of Economy

Ziúr – Nails

B E N N – Synesthesya

Weapon Mastery 1 – 2

B E N N – Rapid March

Glass – Unreleased track

Galtier – Cavernam (feat Superficie

Lag Switch  – Spinneret

Nocturnerror – Motion Sickness

Crux Axul – Fogbow (S S S S Remix)

 Paraadiso – Riflesso

Digitona – chiaroscuro


Lil Asaf – Labash


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