My sound is heavily influenced by SOPHIE & the pc music label – With UltraHd I’m trying to create a subgenre within hyperpop since the genre is new and extremely unorganized ranging from soundcloud rap to chiptune and glitch-core. UltraHd is basically an emphasis on post-modern pop music and how high energy it could be. I’m drawn to glittery y2k baselines and really fast music that is extremely hardcore but also euphoric at the same time.



Avant-garde, Hyperpop, Bass

Dolphinpods – Holly Waxwing

Voicenote – Himera –

Broken friendship bracelet – himera

fall – oklou

Pang – Caroline Polachek

Human – NInajirachi, freya staer

What About Us – Casey MQ

Alone – Crapface

Every Night – Hannah Diamond

Vibe – Holly Waxwing, Crapface

Immaterial – SOPHIE

When I Get to the Club – Hi Life

1999 (EASYFUN remix) – Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, EASYFUN

Donuts – Namasenda

Look – Doss

sfire 7 – sfire

Facetime love – Jifeng, Akini Jing, Felicita

Moteur Action ( SOPHIE & A.G Cook remix) – yelle

Heaven – Badreya Electroneya (unreleased)

In Love – Donatachi, Rosebud Leach

Slide – Hi Life, Harvie

Oh Yeah (caroline polachek remix) – A.G Cook, Caroline polachek

Too far (North Pole Mix) – kylie Minogue, Philip Steir

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