H—S operates under blurry skies, polluting semantic memories with augmented-nostalgia and a sense of failure of the collective, but managing to see a possible future through suburban fractures. Far from being a mere technical exercise with an objective look, H—S emotionally dilates inside an intimate inner space as to want to reach a more intensive zone beyond – outside – standard perceptual thresholds.



Hypernoise, IDM

Pushlock – Hexacomb

Lorem – A Thousand Steps (NN Versions 1 & 2)

Jlin – Ra

Lanark Artefax – Touch Absense (Intimidating Stillness Mix)

Evelyn Glennie & Roly Porter – Part 3

Roly Porter – In Flight

Dark Polo Gang – Infame


Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Weed Kit

Lugh – Hot Mess

Sophia Loizou – Vestal Waters

Vainio & Vigroux – Unpeuapreslesoleil

Aho Ssan + Exzald S – Wondertomb

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