Babilonska is inspired by styles ranging from eccentric jazz, hip hop beats and psychedelic soundscapes to noisy riffs from the depths of hell. For the dancefloor setting, she enjoys mixing a wide range of genres with a focus on heavy bass and playful percussion, with a pinch silliness and drama. She’s been a DJ for almost a decade, be it at nightclubs, corporate gigs or student radio; but her passion for electronic music truly started when she fell in love with drum and bass. She started ZEZ Festival that features experimental music and sound art, which hosted the likes of Peter Brötzmann/Heather Leigh, Matana Roberts, Lucrecia Dalt, IC3PEAK, JASSS and Colin Stetson, among many others. She played at the first Croatian Boiler Room event.



Psychedelic, Metal, Spoken Word

Future Utopia, Lafawndah – What Happens Next? / Way Back When

City & i.o, Dis Fig – Catacomb

Simo Cell, Abdullah Miniawy – Sama (Learning How to Fly)

Moor Mother, Yatta – Tarot

Rắn Cạp Đuôi – Đme giựt mồng

Pan Daijing – Metal

TRAKA – Avet

Bungalovv, Cru Encarnação – The Reverse Hadean

Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz – Arena of Rage

Brian Tyler – Fever Dream

Myxomy – In and until

Neptunian Maximalism – Magická Džungľa

Giant Claw – Mirror Guide, Pt. I

Digitonica – I Was Wrong

The Mars Volta – In Absentia

Max Dahlhaus – Artificial Prodigy (Born in Flamez Remix)

Ziúr – Left and Leaving

Miedo Total – Augury by Birds

Exploited Body – You Say My Heart’s In The Right Place Even Though I’m Not In My Body

United Rust – No Pastoral

Anna von Hausswolff – Ugly and Vengeful

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