Agostino Quaranta is a London based visual artist and music producer. He produces music under the moniker AGOSTINO and curates Turbo Sud, a project dedicated to showcasing sounds from Southern Italy with a focus on local music styles. This episode focuses on the ancient music celebrations performed in Macerata Campania in honor of Sant’Antuono. Every year, between the 10th and the 17th of January, more than a thousand local musicians perform live their typical singings and rhythms with barrels and sickles on the top of floats meticulously adorned for the Festa ‘E Sant’Antuono. This showcase of the festival encompasses a variety of recordings taken from all over the internet, including acapella, live performances and tracks recorded in the studio by local groups including La Compagnia De I Punto Esclamativo, U carr e Vasc o Vast, A Cumpagnia e’ Sant’Antuono, and many more. The whole making of the mix was realised thanks to the precious support of Vincenzo Capuano from Associazione Sant’Antuono & le Battuglie di Pastellessa.



Bottari, Carri Macerata, Pastellessa

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