Despite political and social volatility, the 1990s represented a wild period in the Tunisian music scene. The Mezwed flourished in Tunisia in an unprecedented way, with the cassette market booming at the time, and the announcement of a media reconciliation with it, coinciding with the historic Nuba show in 1991, during the Bourguiba period. Singers and poets started to use it and were attracted to it, and in some instances blending it with pop. Here is a compilation of the most important founding voices of that era, and the songs that formed the Mezwed scene between the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s.




جواباتي – فوزي بن قمرة

مظلومة يا دنيا – عبد الرزاق قليو

بنت الحي – سمير لوصيف

 بري فوت – التليلي القفصي

والله وجعتوها – لطفي جرمانة

الوردة اللي نحكي عليها – حبيب الشنكاوي

سيدي عبد القادر – حبوبة وصالح الفرزيط وبادوس

على باب المحلة – الهادي دنيا

آش لزني – فوزي بن قمرة

كفاي كفاية – عبد الكريم البنزرتي

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