Tareq, known as Tthd, is a Beirut-based Grime and Hip-Hop DJ. Tthd represents a new generation of DJs in Lebanon, curating cross-genre sets that celebrate his Arab roots and love for US & UK underground Rap. His mixes are slowed, delayed, bass-boosted and hyped. His sets have been featured on Radio AlHara, FoundationFm and Amok Radio. He has performed live at The Ballroom Blitz, Frequent Defect and Riwaq Beirut, all underground Beirut music venues. When not mixing sounds, Tthd messes around with Ableton sounds and experiments with making beats.



Grime, Hip Hop, Dub

Amk – Commodo & Gantz & Kahn

Bun Dem Down(VIP) – Hamdi & Logan

Shakti – Eva808

Culture Clash – Behgal Sound

C28 – Zeu feat. Goose 28th

Abattoir – Kahn

Fist and Boot – EMZ & Eva808

APES – Goth-Trad

Bufo Alvarius – Hypho & Xakra

1001 – Commodo Feat. Rocks FOE

The number you have dialed is not in service – $uicideBoy$

This Year – Pmoney & Silencer feat. Tobi

Get The F*** Off My Dick – Vince Staples

Gucci Cologne – K$upreme

yacht haven grande – Tsuruda

Roraima – Drae Da Skimask Feat Mc Larissa

family ties – Baby Keem feat. Kendrick Lamar


Narcs – Mally

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