Guested by Shanghai based producer Alex Wang featuring an hour of sound design heavy club, ambient and experimental music

New York


Experimental, Club, Breakcore

trngs TL

Doukkala – Mascarade

Monotronique – Burst This Bubble

John Object – Scream/Scream

Tati au Miel – marinette bwa sech

Loto Retina – Flutes

Qualiatik – Sublimation Coda

GG Lobester – Adoration of Sons

Don Zila – From the Cave

Yre Den – Dryden

Cassius Select – Slang

Agustin Genoud – Los Otros (Daniel Ruane Remix)

DevBull – Shards of Rhythm

Ethereal Arthropod – Inside the Elysian Monolith

Alex Wang TL

radiohead – pyramid song 800% slower

Vessel – Arcanum (for Christalla)

Autechre – Second Bad Vilbel

NMBRS62_Shapednoise_06 CRx Aureal

Alex Wang – Unreleased

close2me ss stretchd_ascent edit + Alex Wang mash up

Howie Lee (The Mistranslated Silence) +Lolina – Who is experimental music

Sd Laika – Spaceman Piff Visionist Remix Unknown Vector2

Imaabs & Lechuga Zafiro – Legba + Korn – Twist_warp

zaliva-d Sky Singing

Ase Manual – Black Panther (Remix Album – 07 Paramedic)

Neana – Copters

Hyph 11E – Shatter

Chastic Mess x Dj Scream (v1984 ‘HYBRID’) fixed

Emptyset – Armature

Arca – Feminine

Alex Wang – Unreleased


darkmatter – talk2me

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