trngs | PHYSICAL

Exploring the dialogue between digital media, sentient human involvement, the computable and the uncomputable

New York


Experimental, Computer Music, Post Club

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Catchment Areas (Spiritual Population)

Qebrus – Heaven is to be reincarnated in a vegetal creature

Modulaw – Deposit WW-JTS

Rui Ho – Albafica

Yoshitaka Hikawa – CORE

Via App – Stage_X2 OSHEYACK FLIP

Little Snake – MESSAGE

Klahrk & Kattie – Toledo

lujiachi – 147 Dub

Van Boom – II

Sajonas – Sun Crane 1844

Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – JAC

Yikii – ⽇日落桎梏 sunset shackle

Fausto Mercier – GLUT

Galtier – Precious Quartz (To Reave)

meuko! meuko! – you’re dead, it’s dream

Derek Bailey and DJ Ninj – Guitar, Drum ‘n’ Bass

Warrego Valles – 50% discount on humanity_make it 90

Rian Treanor – Hypnic Jerks

OCD – Confirmed

Strachkvas – Break-in

CNDSD – Marimbula

10_r3n – (unreleased)

Fitness – F20 / FAITH

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