Music assembled by Arigto and guests. This time Martina Claussen joins us exploring the human voice in electronic music and beyond. Artwork credits: Steel Girls – Metallusion / (c)noid – Arnold Haberl



Ambient, Electronic

Svetlana Maras – 37

Meredith Monk – Cow Song

Livia Giovaninetti – Vox Humana

Maja Ratkje & Jaap Blonk – Oslo 2

Steel Girls – Metallusion II live – excerpt

Adhelm – Yasam Rose

Chris Swithinbank – union|haze (ensemble recherche)

Pan Daijing – Tissues – 02 Part Two – A Found Lament

Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto – Carrying Glass

Racine – Sans titre (Ft. Arigto)

Exzald S – Syn (heights)

Yifeat Ziv – Amazonian Traces of Self

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