This month I’m shedding light on one of the most progressive and creative labels to come out of the UK. Circadian Rhythms has been pioneering change and releasing killer music for years, and today I’m honoured to have Ausschuss on the show to represent it.



Dance, Electronic

EndTitles.Kitchen.Lab All Stars – ETKL#2: Joel Gilardini

Senyawa – Al Kisah (Jinjin Remix)

Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2029030

Overmono – iii’s Front

Toumba – Mrattab (Forthcoming)

Nahash & Osheyack – Club Apathy

Lil Silva – Don’t Know What To Tell Ya

DJ Plead – Ess

AceMo – Where They At??? Ft. John FM

Lil Silva – Don’t Mess Around

Toumba – Multipack of Limes (Forthcoming)

ONIPA – Yenimno (Village Cuts Remix)

Dawn Razor – That Way

Nikakoi – I Lost My Bass Somewhere

Ploy – Garys

Alex Falk – Movefast

Patrice – I Luv U VIP

Quest?onmarc – Shadow

Mumdance – Take Time (Patrice’s Luda Edit)

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