New Wave for day and night alike interspersed with new music from Anthony Sahyoun, Emma DJ and Aya Metwalli on this month’s instalment of They’re Not There.



Ambient, New Wave, Electronic

Turquoise Days — French Film Backwards

soFa, Houschyar & Okay Temiz – Ritimsiz

Ian Martin — Missing Realism

Lena Platonos — Phaethon

Michele Mercure — Dinosaur Dancing

Bitchin Bajas — Moon Dance

Domenique Dumont — Quand

Fist Of Facts — First Strike

Angel’s Breath — Čaura

Dark Arts — Songs of Earth and Sky

Aya Metwalli — Sitt-il Muhanna

OTTO — Stärkere Deliren

MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) — Everything Falls Into Place

Bolva — Rite II

Anthony Sahyoun — Khifat al-Atraf (with Firas al Hallak)

Raime — The Last Foundry

Shit And Shine — Good White… Good Green


Loski — Teddy Bruckshot 2

Time Cow  & RTKal — Elephant Man

Artificial Control — Silent Face

Alena — Les Ailes De La Nuit

Bene Gesserit — Mickey, Please…

Sardine V — Sudan

Rinder & Lewis — Cataclysm

The Parapluies — Leaving You

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