“dream enhancing supplements for the world wide web.” telos aka TRYHARDER, tailors 60 minutes of dream enhancing acoustics, designed as a lucid experience for audiophiles & psychonauts alike.



Trance, Experimental, Ambient

Pamela_ & her sons – staring through the ceiling

fdsdf x The RSPB (telos blend)

santebela x No-oN (telos blend)

sv1 x PCRV&TG x Sam Kidel (telos blend)

Ben Bondy x Rabid [excerpt] (telos blend)


Uboa – Exsanguination

AsFast – Prime Prison

Aho Ssan – Simulacrum II

Hiroshi Yoshimura x Mass Effect Andromeda  (MICHAELBRAILEY EDIT)

Terroriba – pqrq

Heith & Weightausend – Stone Circle

Ivvvo – Sharpest face

BOLT RUIN – bearwitness

OCD – Pronounced

Varg2™ x LAO & Nick Leon (telos blend)

Kaval x Baby Blue x James Ferraro (telos edit)

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