My name is Swan Meat, and the name comes from a poem, and I make “obnoxious” fast music with lots of violins and arps and breaks. But I come straight from the throat & cut my teeth in the „DC screamo“ scene that had a tiny yet impactful revival when I was a kid. As things “open up more” where I live in Germany — knock on wood — I’ve been playing techno parties, big sweaty raves, glassy eyes, etc, you step out of the club and your ears are going HSSSSS despite your plush earplugs and your chest kind of hurts all day the next day even tho you are & were completely sober — I missed gorging myself on hotel breakfasts — because of this, sometimes I need a break, a return to the saccharine bleeding heart ugly music I used to love so much.



Post Hardcore

wolves in the throne room-i will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots

the saddest landscape-the 6th golden ticket

portraits of past-implications of a sinkhole

rites of spring-deeper than inside

saetia-venus & bacchus

funeral diner-it’s good that we never met


the kodan armada-no has never had 3 letters

jerome’s dream-it’s more like a message to you

christie front drive-valentine

joshua fit for battle-sleepwalkers guide

indian summer-angry son

iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook-seven (reprise)

carissa’s wierd-heather rhodes

f000l-happy little clouds


circle takes the square-interview at the ruins

pg. 99-in love w/ an apparition

wolves in the throne room-i will lay down… (reprise)

i hate myself-caught in a flood with the captain of the cheerleading squad

orchid-aesthetic dialectic

cerce-something about a broken heart

touché amoré-cadence


i would set myself on fire for you-chinese freeze tag

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