Tune in to Sprælle’s monthly show for an hour of fresh discoveries, all-time favorites and his own unreleased tunes. Avant-pop, lush soundscapes, chopped recordings and edgy rhythms.



Downtempo, Experimental, Ambient

Fire-Toolz – {Screamographic Memory}

nthng – 50 Flower

Lafawndah – Le Malentendu (Tirzah & Coby Sey Version) [feat Lala &ce] rabit – STARBELLY_4_HOLE_LATE_NITE_TIP

moët – lean

Gud & Whitearmor – Frutta e Verdura

Coby Sey – Petals Have Fallen

Surf Gang – 6AM

Tirzah feat. Coby Sey – Devotion (Arca Edit)

Yves Tumor – Blood & Innocence

Chino Amobi (feat Elysia Crampton, Flse Prpht, Pozzy) – Kollaps Sprælle – Ropes to Eternity Lead Nowhere

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