Radio Benska is a show focused on Eastern Europe and the US Midwest. It operates at the peripheries of cultural power, celebrating artist who survive their environments. This episode features an hour of experimental electronics and some deep cuts from J.B. Kladivo and Slavo Solovic.

St. Louis


Experimental, Folk, Electro

Trash White – KICK IT

Otrazzmozgu – panvica         

Slavo Solovic – Tancovačka V Nočnom Klube          

Damolh33 – Live2Four           

DJ GÄP (ex Ink Midget) – Flavors of Favors 

makkatu – traveller pointless  

Slavo Solovic  – Pôrod           

Damolh33 – Whirl       

Loktibrada – Plnovous (version)        

Didaktik Em – quark (feat. m.o.r.d.)   

DJ GÄP (ex Ink Midget) – Uncertain Smile   

Slavo Solovic – Jungleg*psy  

Trash White – PJANO

BR103 – stupidarium  

J.B. Kladivo –  Rádioamatér (Benska 21 Remaster)

Amen Tma vs. Makkatu – the rules of ant traffic (alternate remix)   

urbanfailure – tyce v garazi    

Slavo Solovic – Záver (Útek) 

Szlazak – Suspension

Triple Sun – Flow       

Nonhuman – break ur neck    

romantic duo – in bed with david guetta        

Batcha de Mental – fuck the ebola system        

zayo – relative rights   

Isama Zing – Ritual     

Tomáš Knoflíček – Spring Fortress (to Tsuji Kunio)  

t16c – Axial tilt

Triple Sun – Makro

Tomáš Knoflíček – Eye Am    

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