As Sheeba Exp., Italian electronic artist Matteo Trevisan forges music for inner worlds, where broken rhythms and defected elements collapse into ethereal undertones and contemplative impulses. In this mix for ma3azef, the artist balances complex patterns with subtle atmospheres, resulting in an absorbing mesh of hypermodern mirage. Sheeba’s forthcoming work, Urals, is going to be released via Svbterrean Tapes and Timeless Records on May 7, 2021.



Deconstructed Club, Ambient, Breakbeat

Roly Porter – Mass

Riga – Larva

LOFT – That Hyde Trakk

LOREM – Super Silence

ZULI – Keen Demag

Nesso – Deflex

Sachi Kobayashi – Blur

Djrum – Blu Violet

Sachi Kobayashi – Blur

Huerco S. – Cubist Camouflage

Skee Mask – Soundboy Ext.

Furtherset – The Logic of a Secret

Barker – Look How Hard I’ve Tried

Riga – White Stem

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