Sebastiano Carghini, Italian producer and sound artist based in the north of Italy, is a musician whose research is mainly focused on the use of modular synth and the recording of physical objects.



Ambient, Experimental, Free Jazz, Field Recordings

Akos Rozmann – images of the dream and death part  1

Bruno Maderna – se quando uscì

Bruno Maderna – traccia 18

Brahim Yilmaz – in the marketplace, Constantinople, 1924

Brad Miller – steel rails under thundering skys side 2

Dale Cornish – pattern 4

Bruce Gilbert – swamp

Big Bang – galaxy

Christian Mirande – leaving Mildenhall

Best Available Technology – session 7780

Birdy Earns – Mana

djwwww – ipod

Aircraft Carriers in Action 

of habit – behind camera

lutto lento – 37th floor at sunset

Cecil Taylor – Conquistador

Karma & desire – VVY

Picnic – folds and rips (The Humble Bee version)

LOG – LOG 10

Pendant – AAE-KZT

Aseptic Stir – Tension Institution

Bellows – 08

Ba-Benzélé Pygmies – Nbu, lament

EXAEL – Reality’s Sweetheart (Moon Pie Mix)

Leila – Like weather

Yves De Mey – sparkit

yamaneko – any% teardrop ASMR

Ashik Kerib The rituals of Betrothal

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