The new album (plus some tracks of his previous album) of kamancheh virtuoso and electro-acoustic wizard Saba Alizadeh from Tehran.



Electronic, Experimental, Acoustic

“Saba Alizadeh – I May Never see you again”

“Saba Alizadeh – Phasing Shadows (with Andreas Spechtl)”

“Saba Alizadeh – Silences in between”

“Saba Alizadeh – Norouz 99”

“Saba Alizadeh – Ablution”

“Saba Alizadeh – Only hope breaks the dark waves”

“Saba Alizadeh – Touch (with Andreas Spechtl)”

“Saba Alizadeh – Hybrid (with Rojin Sharafi)”

“Saba Alizadeh – Azin”

 “Saba Alizadeh – Colours Wove Me In Tehran”

 “Saba Alizadeh – Blood City”

 “Saba Alizadeh – Dream”

 “Saba Alizadeh – Would You Remember Me”

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