Descent’s release on the 19th of November. It’s basically a mash-up of the work I was involved in while the record was materializing. It has some tracks from the record, some live stuff some weird morphs, as well as some of the collaborative work that’s a big part of my life, in specific the collaborations I was working on during the long time I was producing Proof: Kinematik Ensemble – with Rudy Ghafari, Akram Hajj, Jad Atoui, Ziad Moukarzel and Teddy Tawil; NP – with Jad Atoui, May Berde – with Teddy Tawil; and a track by The Art of Boo, which I produced.  I firmly believe that collaborative work is the blueprint for my individual work, it only makes sense to have them here.



Electronic, Noise, Drone

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