The Sixth episode of Ripe Sympathy welcomes a special guest – Exhausted Modern. One of Prague’s most exciting artists who runs the labels Endless Illusion and OMO Recordings.His last album called “Year Of The Rat” was a combination of techno, electro, industrial and tribal themes. All of these styles are also intertwined in his music selection for the show. Evitceles follows up with plenty of music with breaks and rhythm.



Ambient, Electro, Techno, Jungle

Tomáš Knoflíček – Brain Riot

Xosar – Transmogrification

Zov Zov – From The Ashes

Black Seed – Lyskam

UVB76 – Onibi

Pierce with Arrow – A Tight Passage

Pessimist – Dem Control

NxxxxxS – Now The Time Has Come To Wake Up

Théo Muller – To My Planet

Glome – Emitter

Gamma Intel – Angstig En Onzeker

Ploy – Pax Cultura

Avatism – Ate-Up

Verge – Denial

Camouflage – Pompeji

Overlook –  Ultra Violence 

Nasty Habits – Here Come The Drumz 

THUGWIDOW & Bruised Skies – Thrashing, Scared, Alone

Paradox – Octa4

Mystics – Dirty, Broken, Carillon

Xrspool – Yblsky 

Loraine James – Nothing ft Lila Tirando a Violeta

Karim Maas – Dimensions

Evitceles – Sorcerer

Zhe Pechorin – Mantric Faultier

Dreams – Hoax 

We™ – If They See

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – The Lights Are Going Out

Oneohtrix Point Never – Ray Wakes Up 

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