Rageh is a producer and beat maker based in Cairo. An adventure in the time and the origins of a specific music genre. Starting from how it was inspired, the very first tracks that were classified to that genre, and how it kept evolving over time.



Jazz, Lofi, Hip Hop

1ONY – Glide

LAiMBOi – Tasogare

ØDYSSEE – Balata

wun two – halloween party

Goosetaf, anbuu & liid. – Withholding

tayo – clocked10

See Dee – Gotta Get Bigger


L porter – NY state of Mind pt. III (pro. Fortnite)

earfluvv x Opas – TEMPLE

NA$TY – couch nigga

stasevich – starshakam [snippet mix]

cold beach – branches

Setogiwa – sweet moment / bedroom tea time

OTESLA – strings on yo durag [est. 2016]

‍solarwick. – rodent

Duro – 6.22.21a


lovesome x chrme.shwty – justine

sea. – body

biscuit – funny vixsa sample challenge

legend – like you w/ bsterthegawd & lvusm

Reon Vangèr – mont metri drum kit demo that he didn’t use

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