Mekawei is a sound artist and electronic music composer, her project “Radio SUBMARINE” aims to archive Africa through the sonic musicology, exploring the African societies by their music, listen to different types of music genres and many languages, this project is based on African music that tradition mainly played at gatherings at special occasions the traditional music of Africa, given the vastness of the continent. This project is focused on playing alternative music, electronic music, sound art tracks, and soundscapes from different societies to explore more about each music scene in each city in Africa.



Afro Pop, Afro Funk, Afrobeat

Hamidou Shia – Hamid Kasri

Ahmed Ben Ali – Sabhana

Dalma Porsaid – Dalama el hamam

El Hady Gwene – hobak yetbadel yetgaded

El Sheikh El Afrit – ya nas hamalt

Fathaya ahmed – ya tara nesee leh

Fatma sarhan – la welnabi ya abdo

Fawzi el gamak – shek shek

Hamed Moursi – amar loh layali

Jo Amar – Colchi Bdine

Laila Hassan -3alh Bay3en El 3anb

Line Monty – ô Alger Combien je t’aime

Line Monty – Ya Oummi Ya Oummi

Luc Cherki – Le chanteur Algérien

Mohamed Taha – 3atshan ya sabaya

Mos3ad Radwan – Yala Bina Yala

Manu Chao – Denia

Rayes Metkal – bos 3alhalawa

Reinette l’Oranaise – Nhabek Nhabek

Sahsah Ya Maelma – Ahmed Adaweya

Tamboura Band – ya lalalii

Tunis Moufta7 – la t3’eb 3ani

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