Radio Benska is a show focused on Eastern Europe and the US Midwest. It operates at the peripheries of cultural power, celebrating artist who survive their environments.

St. Louis


Technon, Club, Grime

Radio Benska Portion (first 20 minutes)

Late Dinner – I STOP, YOU START (benska error version)

Late Dinner – Diversity Tune (mapalma early breakfast remix)

Tonota – sve se kretalo i sve je stalo. (Late Dinner remix)

Paško Gaćina – Low pass mezzomarinero (kestrel Comp. XI rework)

Neon Lies – Learn (N-OBE remix)

mapalma – It’s Not You It’s Me (Neon Lies remix)

kestrel – Preosis (Paško Gaćina remix)

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