Radio Benska is a show focused on Eastern Europe and the US Midwest. It operates at the peripheries of cultural power, celebrating artist who survive their environments. This month’s episode is focused on the Midwest. First, St. Louis, MO-based duo Naris Vulme and RA CHILD. With a curated selection of music, we try to showcase the breadth of creativity being channeled by these two musicians. Finally, we get to hear 30 wicked minutes from philosopher-freek king and sonic entity Faithful.

St. Louis


Experimental, Electronic, Technon

RA CHILD – ssentinal

naris vulme – kitchen

naris vulme and RA CHILD – 222

RA CHILD – short forever

naris vulme and RA CHILD – 777

naris vulme – sunde

naris vulme – Port

naris vulme – SAV OUT engineered by RA CHILD

naris vulme – tie

RA CHILD – how i c it

naris vulme and RA CHILD – copyrights

naris vulme and RA CHILD – cousins

naris vulme – 666

RA CHILD – love zombie

naris vulme – mports

naris vulme – brokenseptember

naris vulme – young folks:

Rotterdam Terror Corps – God is A Gabber

DJ Paul Estak – Life is like a dance (The Hitmen Remix)

ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH – Trans-Mongolian Railway

Evil Maniax – Psychopath

Robert Armani – Hit Hard

Shaydie – Always Forever (Extended Version)


Snack – Overdose (feat Shaydie) [Pharmacist Mix]

Soren Roi – Rule of Saint

Kreem – Triangle Of Love

Visionist – Nearly God

Penelope’s Fiance – She asked for fire but she didn’t wanna get burned

Reese – Rock to the Beat

Santioni Echols – Deep Down

Terrence Dixon – Vertical Hold

DJ Wally – Outa My Head

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