Radio Benska is a show focused on Eastern Europe and the US Midwest. It operates at the peripheries of cultural power, celebrating artist who survive their environments. This episode features a 30 minute original mix with music from Bosnia and a low and slow guest mix from St. Louis-based producer ELAZY.

St. Louis


Folk, Electro, Hardcore

:dARM – Math CYclator

Ognjen Savija & Nebojsa Savija-Valha duo – It’s Only Li

dRUMELODY – Darkness

Acoustic Torture Chamber – Critical Condition

Ognjen Savija & Nebojsa Savija-Valha duo – Young men discovering the world pt 3

Art Simple De La Ambrosia – Announcement

Starke – Mace Moje (Benska 21 Remaster)

Ognjen Savija – Brain Torture

kontra – mrmot

Ognjen Savija & Nebojsa Savija-Valha duo – No Name Song

Goran Gregovic/Disarray – Erdelezi (Dissarray DrumnBass)

Ognjen Savija & Nebojsa Savija-Valha duo – Expression AAM 2

:dARM – Can A Worn Extruder Screw Cause Surging

Yolek & Estebahn – Renens Low Kick

Yilan – Static Void

MM – Timbo’s  March

Anti-G Reggeaton Man!

Slikback – Gemini

amazondotcom – Sad Hug

Damascray – The Rhythm Room

Ozwald – Sex Drum

NKC – Next Life

Anti-G – THE FUCKING ERROR!!!!!!!!

Mr. K – Red Handed

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