Castell Lanko aka Rabbitcat is a visual artist and DJ based in Cairo who’s selection is as intense, generously/mindfully saturated as her visual output.



Experimental, EBM, Witch House

Tinaidae – Rigel

Alley Catss – i Wont have @ It

Loft – Lassanamae

Aquarian – 365 Days and Counting

Ilkae – Machinedrum

Isoproflex – Ocuptem

Ynys Enlli – Urato Section

Analogue Wood and Michael Winslow – Unified At Delta

Ontal – EMR (Airsilk Remix)

Metalogue feat_fluff – tephra

IVVVO – This Is Dog

Subjex – Pulsar Telecom

Mistress – Thin Air

Crystal Castles – Am Made Of Chalk

Arca – Sheep

Ontal – Lesion

Hiro Kone – Fabrication Of Silence

Time traveler – showing incisors

Prison Religion – YABBADABBADONT

Yoshitaka Hikawa – Metal

Réelle – Kissing Myself

Flint Kids – sancerre (daed_sancrescent_mix)

Mistress – Gatekeeper

Dronelock + Ontal – Soil

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