Rabbitcat invites Urbsounds (Abrasive Electronic Music) for a takeover on her show. Urbsounds is an experimental electronic music label based on Slovakia. And a platform that promotes artists across the world who share the understanding that music is an inherently political force of change. With focus into sound forging and new noise. And collecting the grime that oozes from the wounds, using this fluid to fuel the pressing of vinyl LPs and the coding of digital releases. 



Experimental, Noise, Electronic, Post-digital

gridiron ambience – urbanfailure 

The 8 bit Prometheus seance 15 – Dj Balli + L’Allievo + MC Shell8bit 

Drastic Measures – NSA 

The Cognition of Loss – E.M. 

morphic field – Dave Phillips 

//./ – Monika Subrtova 

plant – Dead Janitor 

Descending To Niyama – Hlukar 

#lunga (noise edit) – orqan 

psychotic neighbour – Maraki 

Anazmo – Jamka 

Thrashing Trees – urbanfailure 

Zivot v Bratislave je taky pochmurny ako jesen – Urbsounds Collective 

Existential Dread Simulator 1 – Venta Protesix 

Theobroma – Ipomea 

Hmyzy – Kragrowargkomn 

Sur ve.l1ance Reminder – urbanfailure 

Antideluvian Homocidal Disemination – Hlukar 

olga ma depku(olga prisla neskoro edit) – zeleny antoin 

Morning depressive anxiety – Venta Protesix 

Hollow tree – Makkatu 

eeeddd – Didaktik M 

Dose of octane – Axiomid 

Relative rights – Zayo 

Plastic laser radio transmission – urbanfailure 

GALVANIzed by electrical energy coming from dissecting Luigi Galvani’s leg with zinc scapel and copper rods – Dj Balli + Amphibian 

Sphere Collider – Rioteer 

Mandatory – Dead Janitor 

Incomplete Metamorphosis – Amen Tma rmx by RBNX & urbanfailure 

Reality Slip – urbanfailure 

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