In this episode, Rabbitcat is teaming up with the electronic music duo from the UK, Room of Wires alongside with Mitoma and Weldroid on a special original production set, using synthesizers, computers, field recordings and handcrafted software to create twisted, fragile yet beautiful sounds.



IDM, Experimental, Glitch, Downtempo

Unsized (Alaskan Mix) – Room of Wires

Comatosed Disruption – Weldroid

Farmag – Weldroid and Room of Wires

Burden – Nonima (Weldroid remix)

Alcohole – Room of Wires

Euphoricore – Room of Wires

Vandal Attack – Weldroid (Room of Wires remix)

Kenopsia – Mitoma

Isoforms – Mitoma (Room of Wires remix)

Harshlands – Room of Wires

Fluffy Expedition – Weldroid (Mitoma remix)

Test Subject – Room of Wires

Silent Lines – Room of Wires

Mitoma – Innerlight

Pan Daijing – Come to sit, come to refuse, come to surround

Ziur – Aid is what it is

Klahrk & Roxas – Deamons

Klarhk & Roxas – Asphyxia

Datach’I – Deconstructing man

Qebrus – ⍕  M a c h i n e s ⍒  a g a i n s t ⍒  t h e⍒   r a g e ⍎

Pointless Geometry – Fausto Mercier – Plan n8ne

Pointless Geometry – Fausto Mercier – Stellarator

Sküge  – le petit bleu

Otto Von Schirach – Tympanic Calcoolus

Zuli – Mazen

Zuli – Dr Beckett

Zuli – spctr_010_a3_m

Datolar – skamodulx

Annie Hall – Bandit 28938 (feat. Shadow Huntaz)

Spednar – 200102_0001_2

Puce Mary – The size of our desires 

Ziur – The Dip

Pan Daijing – Plate Of Order 秩序之灾

Aquarian – End Credits

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