Planetmoose, aka Sarah Maher is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cairo, Egypt. She is an upcoming DJ, and here is her exclusive electronic eclectic trip for Radio Ma3azef. This show was our first one on Radio Ma3azef.



Electronic, Pop

M3春 か-12a過剰摂取

Art of Noise – A Time for fear who’s afraid

Aleksandir – Yamaha

Computer Data – Alright

すてらべえ – I wish the Sun burns me to death

Supire – Howling

Carmen – Time to Move

Childish Gambino – Algorhythm

Jwords – Numb ft. MIKE

PRESS PLAY 008 – Ted Kamal ‘Power puff mix’

Bungalovv – A quema ropa (IM076)

GG Lobster – 動亂星 Stars Of Turmoil

Crazy P – Never Gonna Reach Me ( Hot Toddy Remix)

Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)

Daft Punk – Technologic

David August – Epikur

Dane Law – Michael

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