Takeover episode by Brighton based Egyptian electronic musician Ahmed Abdelaziz aka Pylon&on&on (Pylons). A mix of distorted soundscapes, noisy beats and electronic noise covering a wide range of genres including hip hop, experimental techno, and IDM.



Electronic, Glitch, Industrial, Hip Hop

Surachai – A Sign form Decay

Haykal – Vespa

Slowthai – TN Biscuirs

Hiro Kone – Akoluthic Phase

Ansome – The Smell of Rabble

Loraine James – London Ting – Dark As Fuck ft Le3 bLACK

Giant Swan – Weight of Love

Death Grips – Hacker

Machine Girl – Ionic Funk (20XXX Battle Music)

Maltash – Fuck Your Agenda

Ice_Eyes – Antipodes

Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn

Richard Devine – Opaque Ke

clipping. – Enlacing

ltfll – Estemara Umru Mesa

Ismael – I Was So

Zuli – Nari (feat. Abyusif, Mado $am, Abanob, R-Rhyme)

FRKTL – Strange Attractors

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