Featuring favourite artists and recent finds; Pylon&on&on takes us on an hour of Dub, Hip-hop, Experimental Techno & Noise.



Dub, Hip Hop, Experimental Techno, Noise

Maenad Veyl & The Sarcasm Ensemble – Weak and Weary

Belief Defect – No Hope No Fear (Surachai Nihilist Mix)

The Bug – How bout dat (feat. FFSYTHO)

Future Materials – The Human Image (SCORN REMAKE)

Bob Vylan x Duke & Jones – England’s Ending x Trenches (feat. Flowdan) Mash Up

The Bug – Stoat (feat. Jason Williamson)

Injury Reserve – Footwork in a Forest Fire


clipping. – Looking Like Meat (feat. Ho99o9)

Backxwash feat. Lauren Bousfield – IN MY HOLY NAME

HIDE – Do Not Bow Down

E-Saggila – Aziza

ZULI – Penicillin Duck


Uniform & The Body – Day of Atonement

Moor Mother & billy woods – Arkeology (feat. ELUCID)

Pan Daijing – Act of The Empress

ZAMILSKA – Fragile

Pylon&on&on – The Immigrant Is Loose

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