Indian Summer – Curated by Giraffe Tapes label owner Oleksandr Demianenko, this mix contains tracks from the giraffe tapes catalog and from his solo albums. Oleksandr: “Wherever I am I really love the period of Indian summer and this year is no exception. I dedicate this journey to the snowflakes that fall from the trees and the warmth of the earth.”



Ambient, Drone, Electronic, Lo-Fi

Oleksandr Demianenko – **** [forthcoming]

Gallery Six – The Last Summer [Giraffe Tapes]

Grandbruit – Ton depart [Giraffe Tapes]

Tom Leclerc – Ocean Memory [Giraffe Tapes]

Oleksandr Demianenko – part one [Rusted Tone Recordings]

Sonaura – The First Commute [Giraffe Tapes]

Oleksandr Demianenko – watercolor 2.13 [Hush Hush Records]

Lamasz – Cinquieme [Giraffe Tapes]

Oleksandr Demianenko – watercolor 010 [Hush Hush Records]

Carlos Ferreira & Almanacs – Isabel, No Llores [Giraffe Tapes]

Oleksandr Demianenko – watercolor 2.43 [Hush Hush Records]

Tom Leclerc – albepierre song [Giraffe Tapes]

Oleksandr Demianenko – MM [unreleased]

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