An hour of exponential rhythms, expanding patterns, and granular experiments of stretching synths and patterns of sequenced microsounds, a sound that’s ever present in modern electronic music and a one that has become a staple of the genre.



Electronic, Ambient, IDM

Mark Fell – Multistability 2-A

Second Woman – /

Brogan Bentley – Diapason Rex


NP – Iridescence

SevenMMS – ExpPercPlode.13

QOW – Dosny

Aho Ssan – Simulacrum IV

Autechre – VI Scose Poise

1127 – Virtual Feels _ Passing Twelve – عواطف افتراضية _ بتعدي إتناشر

Maxwell Sterling – Tremble Happy

Tom Hall – Regression of Consciousness

FRKTL – Dread Aversion

Grischa Lichtenberger – Input Mess

Conor C. Ellis – Transparent Limb

Vladislav Delay – Ranno

Telefon Tel Aviv – I dream of it often;

Rian Treanor – Hypnic Jerks

ZULI — Penicillin Duck

Visible Cloaks – Bloodstream

xl.iks – konako

SevenMMS – MoreMonsters.10

Horla – Yuè Liàng (La Lune)

Bernard Parmegiani – Alternatif

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