phonon~ swarming mixtape series is inviting underground experimental sound culture agents to manifest their communities and ecosystems through a selection of sonic gems from their habitats. Together with the invited guests we are researching today’s meaning of self-care, mindfulness and slow life. Sound wise the focus of the show is directed towards sound art, field recordings, contemporary experimental electronic and electroacoustic music.

Usti nad Labem


Field recording, Weightless, Nobpm

Andrej / Tatratank – “Housing against everyone” documentary moodboard (unreleased)

Snediggen Snurssla + Sun Drugs – Casablanca woodsteps (unreleased)

Moving Spaces – Live at Kaznice, November 2021 (unreleased)

t16c + Lukas Solik – Jackpot (unreleased jam)

t16c + Lukas Solik – Kandidat (unreleased jam)

Nina Pixel – Dialogické vyvolávanie (unmastered to be released on weltschmerzen)

Shakaali – B2 (mastered, to be released)

Natálie Pleváková – Pierce Earsman (unreleased)

Střed Světa – qqqqq (unreleased)

Andrej + AVA kolektiv – Interventions (Vila Tugendhat exhibition)

Avsluta – Dawn on the Other Side (to be released on Taraxia, 2022)

Thistle – Ceylon (Stoned To Death, 2022)

AVA kolektiv – 4 12 Desert 100 (unreleased jam)

Moving Spaces – Live at Kaznice (unreleased)

mʊdʌki – Total Meditation (unreleased)

t16c – @)@@ (unreleased)

Simo Hakalisto + AVA kolektiv – Environments (Vila Tugendhat exhibition)

Snediggen Snurssla – Žíp harmonium improv unedited (unreleased)

Střed Světa – uz-10-b (unreleased)

Shakali – Samana (Petojen tavat, Ikuisuus, 2021)

Tatratank + AVA kolektiv – K-Faktor edit (Kaznice exhibition)

Snediggen Snurssla + Simo Hakalisto – “Housing Against Everyone” theme (Documentary OST unmastered)

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