We were exploring in the middle of unmapped, unobserved and unexplored waters with a soundtrack. TheoryofYesterday is an augmented reality a dark room for experimentation, creation and discussions curated by hannie phin. PF is a multidisciplinary engaged artist hailing from the Tunisian underground.

Mexico City


Experimental, Industrial, Soundtrack

Headless horse man – Bleeding arrows

Manni dee – We live in hope

Law 334 Choronzom – in between there are doors [ unreleased ]

Soulless – modern day oppression

Sam KDC – Usurper

Years of denial – contradiction

Phobia nl – leech

Voidloss – you warpped your arms around yourself

Yuuki sakai – Jwos

Valentin mase – she glanced at the hazy sky razbibriga remix

Nuit noir – ancient worship ritual

Znzl – unveil the truth

CASKO – Extremity shift

Voidloss – tape worm

Nuit Noir – The brave should live forever

Voidloss – in the first doom house

Warin D Huren – still left in there

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