A selection from favorites tunes dug in the last months are leading as main inspiration of this set for Ma3azef. Starting from there, I drew out the links from my music archive, choosing from bests friends’ labels & projects and from loved tunes of my collection. It’s a short journey instinctively divided in two crossing parts, from fairy & magic soundscapes, going thru dance tribalism finishing in the inevitable call from my club dj roots. Reptilian Expo is the shapeshifter deejay head of Pampsychia, a multifaceted selector and musician. Fifth world adept, sunytty ambassador, crawler & dweller of the invisible realms.



Fairy Music, Fifth World

reptilian expo – capo

pictures – battle of the leaves

die welttraumforscher – mond träumt

metra.vestlud – to liquid

lamina – scintillation

our.v – notenoughmedicine

piezo – xerotonin

de santis shabara – through resonant bodies

xiii – l’abete al contrario

nuke watch – js

die welttraumforscher – saturn tanzt

h lite – glas

andrew belling – fairy

jung deejay – drummer’s grin

healing force project – diaphonization

french kettle station – disarmour

garlack’s music – patron zone

jonnn – doo kingdom remix

coco bryce – d.p.s.

niloufar – memory machine loulou

ikävä pii – tesco slow roasted tomato and basil soup 700g £0.20

unbe – vector bread

bernardino femminielli – ô signe des temps

mart avi – firefly

reptilian expo – outro

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