Onsy is an electronic and IDM music producer based in Cairo, Egypt. Onsy began his career experimenting a variety of genres and styles ranging from the generic techno, electronic, and experimental ambient while considering things such as sound crafting, sound design and spectrums, rather than just composition, melody and arrangement. Much of Onsy’s music consists of slight clusters of experimental and abstract elements of composition, subtle melodies and interventions of carefully designed sounds, with glitches that contribute to the beats.



IDM , Noise, Experimental, Ambient

Log – log9

Broshuda-You’ll Always Stay Beautiful

escape the loops – endgame

Kyio – Noor

Omar El-Abd – B L O S S O M

xNT NFC – Boot (feat Eartheater)

So Takahashi – Plateau

Absolution can only be reached through the abstraction of dreaming – side β

Rabbitcat – Fatal Frame

Onsy – Conc

Akira Takemoto – Zoruge

Rabbitcat – Silicon Soul

Alterphase – Sithsooud Flouds

Kschzt – Fly From 10 Euros

Broshuda – Horses

Sonni Vaiio – Archibald In Fairyland

Brothomstates & crankshaft – wekilldaenemy

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