Object blue was born in Tokyo, raised in Beijing and is now resident in London, where she dominates dance floors with her unique blend of techno and sound design.



Techno, Experimental, Dance, Electronic

111X – Pulse

Fatima Al Qadiri – Power

Animistic Beliefs – when ur hi (speed mix)

Kablam – Innominata (Sissel Vincent remix)

Ur III & Icebox Violet – Bloch

Aerial – Redux

Yre Den – Discip Lip

Thugwidow – Prospective Sub-class

Sinistarr – Detroit

Onleash & FAKETHIAS – Authorized Dealer


Lack – Shifter

peb – A Blade of Grass has the Status of a Flower

Ma Sha Ru – Jerboa

Lensk – Troska

Varg – Only Parasites (VTSS remix)

Lorem – å €tm

De Grandi – TTP

Odous – Fire Choir

Nicolo – Gold Mist (Nerve remix)

Thodén – Oakmoss

Lesley Flanigan – Thinking Real Hard

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