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A mix that pairs Palestinian folk, Arabian traditions and electronic. As a native Palestinian, her taste in music is fuelled by both inner and outer influences of her culture and her own perceptions of her heritage. 

Mexico City


Electronic, Funk

Matrub مطروب – Hadhiyan

Pilooski – The Wizzard

King Ghazi presents Abu Sayah – Shamaleh (Gilb-r Dub Version)

Acid Arab – Berberian Wedding

Fata Morgana-Dissidenten-(MoM re edit)

Kurt Adam –  Gölge

Muqata, Walaa Sbeit-Ura Salem

Acid Hamam – Shaman Disco

AMMAR 808 – Maghreb United (feat. Sofiane Saidi)

Ramzi Ramzi · Twerking Class Heroes

Shkoon – Build Your Castles (Arutani Remix)

Yuma- Smek (Rey Kjavik Remix)

Shankarma – Al Mâqam al Ali – Nashwa

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