Going back to the sixties of Lebanon, to talk about the first Lebanese rock band sea-ders, and passing by one of the ironic singers of the eighties Munir khauli, followed by a DJ set by Majhul.



Lebanese Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Trip-Hop, Dub

Sea-ders – better loved

sea-ders – don’t know why

Sea-Ders – Undecidedly

Sea-ders – thanks a lot

Sea-ders – Hide If You Want To Hide

Sea-ders- For your information A

Munir Khauli – Heik ha Nishtghil

Munir Khauli – kifaya

Munir Khauli – ma kbir ella el jamal

Munir Khauli – the television

Munir Khauli – titi

Débruit & Alsarah – Jibal Alnuba

Nuri – Trib

El 3ou – Kima Srali

The Back To Reggae Band – Ibn Fernas Theory

Joujma – Mel Fadda | From Boredom (Live)

Zaed Naes – 7awalaya Kteer (Ft. Maii Waleed)

Aya Metwalli – Dakhlet El Sheta (ft. street dogs)

Basel Naouri – Sajeh

Refugee A – Im Kopf

The Chikatura –  My Roses Withered

El Rass – Storm in a Cup

Khaled Kurbeh – Tyrant’s Shore (ft. George Kandalaft)

Khaled Kurbeh – Salam

Sara Zein (Prod. Khaled Allaf) – The Guard City

Enana.thee.queen – Virus ft Mahdy

Fawzi (Prod. Sakken) – Bas Dqeeqa

Raja Meziane – Allo Le Système

Felix Snow & El Rass – Ali

Checkpoint 303 – Streets O Ramallah

Checkpoint 303 – Time Passes (Tribute To John Berger And Ghassan Kanafani)

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