Bad luck wind is a monthly show with Amman-based DJ Nidal Taha.



Ambient, Industrial Folk

von magnet – archipielagos

glove, the – relax

Basic House – Janet Terminal Blue

Outermost & Venus Volcanism – Snake Goddess

Marissa Nadler – Clowne Town (Xiu Xiu)

Space Afrika – self

LR – (Outro) Tallin-Stockholm, The Red Flame Of Baltica

A crow calling friends in to join him for a drink

Brainman- Kilonovo

Black Merlin – wave

Thomas Köner – 1 Minute

Vatican Shadow – One Day He Heard The Call

Pontiac Streator – Stuck In A Cave

Zoviet France- Muzzled

Damien Dubrovnik – Patterns Of Penetration

Mary Ocher – In All Guilt and Glory

Geneviève Pasquier – Some Days Ago

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